As the candidates made their wrap-up statements, Huckabee stood out for his genuine delivery of words every American – Dem or Repub – wants to hear.

We’re a polarized nation, he said, and that leads to a paralyzed Congress. No argument there.

Every politico since the nation’s birth has said he (now she, too!) will bring the country together. Never since the Civil War has it needed so much that mending melding.

Huckabee said it earnestly, almost believably. It impressed this cynical, half-empty-glass Dem. (Not that I’d vote for him.)

One other candidate stood out. As a Marylander, I’ve seen my share of Alan Keyes, long before the rest of the country ever knew his name. Not that so many do, even now. He doesn’t have the proverbial snowball’s chance, but he is still the best orator among all the candidates, including Barack. Everything the man says makes you want to answer “Hallelujah!” Even when you think he’s a shingle short of a roof.

NB: Check out the insightful series the Washington Post has been running. Each day is devoted to one leading candidate and they are covered head to toe. It’s “Everything You Wanted to Know About —–“