Last Tuesday I posted for the PD population’s opinion on their projections for the GOP and Democratic finishers in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

Despite the fact that in my very next post, I told you all that political pundits basically said you can’t predict the races, I’m glad to see 30 or so PD denizens and contributors put their predictions down in cyberspace.

Anyway, since I know someone is going to ask me what the methodology is for the poll, I’ll tell you up front. If someone put a candidate as finishing first, that candidate would get three points. Second place, two points and third place earned one point. I added up the totals and, voila! We have our results.

Like I said, not rocket science here, just having a little fun.

Here are the results:


Barack Obama – 56 points
Hillary Clinton – 46 points
John Edwards – 25 points
Al Gore – 3 points
Joe Biden – 1 point
Dobbs (Could they mean Lou?!?) – 1 point

Mike Huckabee – 63 points
Mitt Romney – 60 points
Rudy Giluiani – 19 points
Fred Thompson – 6 points
John McCain – 1 point

New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton – 56 points
Barack Obama – 43 points
John Edwards – 14 points
Bill Richardson – 6 points
Joe Biden – 1 point

Mitt Romney – 51 points
Rudy Giuliani – 37 points
John McCain – 18 points
Mike Huckabee – 10 points
Ron Paul – 8 points
Fred Thompson – 2 points

Now for those of you who object to my methodology I have one thing to say to you – go pound sand, it’s my poll, I’ll do it the way I want!

Anyway, please post your predictions for this week, even if they have not changed!