Pity poor Hillary and all the mean things the boys have said about her. Attacks on fellow Democrats are “poison” to the party, or so she has been claiming, but, apparently, Democratic unity was only important as long as she was securely leading the pack. Since Barack Obama has taken the lead in some Iowa polls, and she finds herself in danger of falling behind Edwards in that important first state, well, “now the fun part starts” as Hillary launched major attacks on her main rival.

Whether or not you are completely shocked by Hillary’s change of heart, her attacks on Obama should surprise no one. Hillary questioned Obama’s personal character and his political courage, seemingly contradictory words coming from someone who has discouraged such venom. Clinton also found time to address a political issue, and claimed that Obama’s health care plan would leave millions uninsured, unlike her final solution, which would force everyone under her tender, socialist umbrella.

A spokesman for Obama suggested that calling such attacks “fun” speaks volumes about the character of Senator Clinton, adding that Obama’s campaign aims to move beyond “that divisive kind of politics.”