Make no mistake, reports that Hillary–or her peeps–planted a question at last night’s GooberTuber debate will forever overshadow the debate itself. Few are talking about who won or lost, instead they’re buzzing about CNN using at least four questions last night from declared democrats. Michelle Malkin has the most comprehension coverage.

Believe it or not I feel for Anderson Cooper. There’s no way he personally knew that General Kerr was on the “LGBT Americans For Hillary Steering Committee”. Love or hate CNN, Cooper is easily their most fair, unbiased journalist, and it’s inconceivable that he would have supported the question being allowed. But what’s worse is that Kerr was actually in the audience and got additional face time. Rest assured Cooper is fuming right now and there are suits in the Time Warner Building feeling his wrath.

Anyone still on the fence about CNN’s reputation for having an agenda can officially hop off.