A new Associated Press story by Andrew DeMillo appears to have been penned by the Romney or Thompson campaigns. The piece reads like either a paid-for hit job or an op/ed that belongs on the opinion page. Whether you’re a member of Huck’s Army or not, this sort of language in an “unbiased” AP article should trouble you:

The Republican presidential candidate has plenty to champion from his 10 1/2 years as governor – including school improvements and health insurance for the children of the working poor. But his record has rough edges, and Huckabee has a habit of playing fast and loose with it.

And it only gets worse from there. Now I’m neither for nor against Huckabee, and naturally I’m not arguing that the contents of the article don’t have merit, but the facts are presented in a stunningly biased way. You expect this from one of the Thomases (Helen or Cal), but not from the AP. It’s almost as if there’s such thing as a so-called “media bias”. (Hey, I like that phrase, I think I’ll coin it!)