It would appear I’m the first PD contributor to take off my stretchy pants and get back to work after last Thursday. (Heretofore called “The Day Jason Ate 9 Pumpkin Pies and cussed in Portuguese”.)

This news item didn’t make Drudge, and therefore likely got missed by PD faithful, but it begs to be read. It also begs the question, “Where the heck was Mr. Hof when Bill was looking for endorsements?!?!”

Brothel owner endorses pres. candidate

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CNN) – It isn’t everyday that that a presidential candidate gets an endorsement from a professed pimp, but that’s exactly what has happened to Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas.

Dennis Hof, owner of Nevada’s (in)famous Bunny Ranch brothels and star of the HBO show ‘Cathouse’, has publicly endorsed Paul after hearing him champion states’ rights at a campaign stop. Hof told CNN, “Who knows our state better than us? Who knows anything better than the constituents that live in that state? Nobody. We know. We don’t need big brother, the federal government, telling us what to do.”

Paul, a Libertarian and devout Baptist who does not condone prostitution, is uncomfortable with the unconventional support, according to his campaign. They counter that it is “the price of freedom.” “If you’re going to have a constitutional government, you’re going to work out these kinds of issues at the local level, as the constitution intends. Then sometimes you’re going to have to put up with things that make you uncomfortable.” The campaign added that if Paul were a local Nevada lawmaker that he would vote against legalized prostitution.

Paul has found the spotlight recently after putting up some big fundraising numbers, including a $4.2 million haul in a single day in early November. Hof says he plans to add to that, “The girls are good at shaking down the customers for $1s, $5s, $10s, $50s, $100s, whatever they got.” He is waiting for instructions from the campaign on how to raise and donate the money legally.

Prostitution is legal everywhere in Nevada except for the three counties that are home to Carson City, Reno and Las Vegas.

– CNN Nevada Producer Alexander Marquardt