I’ve been in DC for the last few days and have found that the last thing I wanted at the end of the day was to sit down, stare at my computer screen and think a little more about politics. My evening rituals tended more towards Kobe beef and a tasty beverage to wash down my tasty steak.

The other night though, after my meal (which also was a meeting… so I guess that you can never escape politics in Da City), I turned on the TV and was captivated by the Tavis Smiley show. Tavis doesn’t broadcast in RI but I am familiar with him from my numerous travels and really like what he does. It was his guest who got me to keep it on the channel, however, instead of turning to “Pimp my Ride”, “Semi Home Made”, or another of our nation’s artistic examples for the world. There he was; brushed off, polished up and taken from storage; General Wesley Clark.

I’m sure you remember the General, a four star egomaniac who once was a hawk and now is the doviest dove that ever doved a dove. Oh yeah… he also told some people that he believed in time travel. Spark up the way back machine, Mister Peabody.

Well, this time around, Michael Moore didn’t talk him into running for President (Where the heck has that Gulfstream V liberal been this race anyway?? Doesn’t want to attach his humongous yuck to Hillary??) but someone has talked the General into running for the second seat. A little over a month ago, he endorsed “The Lock” who isn’t so much of a lock now, thanks to Bob Novak’s usual “unnamed sources”. The conversation with Smiley ran the gamut and was most defiantly designed to position him as Hillary’s White House Scapegoat.

Richardson seems the frontrunner but, in all of the discussion on a recent thread about the Veep stakes, there has been no mention of the fact that BR and Hillary don’t exactly get along. Yes, I realize that he is setting himself up as a counterpoint (Wolf Blitzer: “Do you support licenses for illegals. Hillary: “No”. BR: “Yes. I’ve already have signed it into law as Governor in New Mexico.) If Clinton, herself, doesn’t have both sides of the argument covered, then, at least a ticket with Richardson would. It’s solid reasoning, as is his balance of the southwest and his Hispanic credentials. It doesn’t take into account the fact that, as is the case with many others, there won’t be a Christmahanakwanzaka card from the Clintons in the Governor’s New Mexico mail box.

And so, with that thought, I give you Vice President Clark. At least his ego thinks so.