Is Wolf Blitzer the worst debate moderator in history? Raise your hand if you think so. Blitzer practically reenacted that pathetic hand-raising system that he pioneered several debates ago. He said he wouldn’t interrupt anyone, but warned candidates that they’d all be “on the honor system.” Honor system? These are politicians! No matter how funny it is to watch Blitzer on celebrity Jeopardy!, the waves of boos cascading from the audience should really be a wake up call to CNN to get serious. Moderators are like umpires – if they are doing their jobs well, you don’t notice them.

As for the main event…

Despite being the one with a platform on licenses for illegal immigrants, Barack Obama tripped up in his words amid the two-person debate with Hillary Clinton that was drawing boos from people who came to see all the candidates, well, except for the absent Mike Gravel. Hillary gave the same meaningless non-talking points, so pundits will say she did much better, despite her failure to answer questions, which is really what should decide the winner in a debate.

John Edwards continued to call out Clinton for flip flopping on issues such as the war in Iraq and Social Security. Dennis Kucinich rightly restated that his fellow Democrats share the blame for the war in Iraq and the Patriot Act, as they had voted for them. Kucinich got cheers when he said he didn’t vote for the Patriot Act, “because I read it,” but he then devolved into thornless calls for impeachment.

Joe Biden kept up his platform of plans for Iraq, Pakistan, etc, maintaining his candidacy for Secretary of State, while Bill Richardson continued his ongoing bid for VP on Hillary’s ticket. Chris Dodd, invisible in the polls, began a response partially in Spanish, and, impressively, without too much of a gringo accent, and he garnered some applause for his efforts.