Al Gore, who I hear is in the running to be the next Dali Lama, wasn’t happy with simply doing the narration on the “documentary to end all documentaries”. He wasn’t content when he somehow garnered an Oscar and he can’t sleep soundly knowing that his Peace Prize is right where it belongs. He isn’t even placated by the fact that ManBearPig hasn’t been seen in South Park in months. No… This guy won’t be happy until he gets sweet revenge on everyone Clinton.

I picture his basement cork board plastered with cut out articles of Hillary front running and printed up sheets from PoliticalDerby with Her Thighness, as one prominent talker calls her, ensconced in first, second, and third. I can just hear him practicing his lines: “It takes the nomination out of the basket, or else it gets the hose again”.

The field is not yet set on either side, in my humble opinion, and AG is waiting in the wings. I’m a bit surprised that he isn’t in yet but, from the scuttlebutt that I’ve heard, he’s closer to in than he is to out. The Nobel sealed the deal. They say that mistakes come in threes. Could the sun shine on the same dog again? I fear so.

Al gets in because he HATES the Clintons and wants nothing more than to spoil Hillary’s moment in the sun. He is also on a roll and is the voice of a carefully crafted political message that has taken environmental issues from the obscurity of the 1970s (global COOLING anyone?) and has, perhaps, made it into one of the seminal issues in the election cycle despite the war, home foreclosures, the economy, and all of the other things that used to matter. I say that Al Gore is back soon. Let’s just hope that he leaves the beard and those sweaters back in Tennessee.