In October, I had the good fortune of sitting on a panel at CLC 2007, moderated by none other than Jason Wright, and must’ve said some outlandish things because I’ve been invited to bring my “insights” on the 2008 race to these pages.

For the record, I ran for US Congress in Rhode Island’s First District in 2006 (yes… Patrick Kennedy’s district) and learned, the hard way, that “Republicans ‘aint too popular ‘round these parts” (try saying that with a New England accent). I come to the assignment with no dog in the race… so my views will be tainted solely by my status as a New England resident. I hope that we all find a bit to agree on and a lot more to disagree about because, in the end, reality is that none of us really knows. If I had a crystal ball and could truly predict this thing, I’d have stayed in Reno and doubled down.