For nearly two years pundits have speculated about the wisdom and timing of Mitt Romney formally addressing his religion and the role it would (or wouldn’t) play in his decision-making as president. The speculation bubbled again today. Many assumed he would follow JFK’s lead by delivering a major speech and saying essentially what Kennedy said. “I will not take direction from Salt Lake. I will not be a Mormon president, I’ll be a president who happens to be a Mormon.”

Count me among those who believes Romney should table that idea–at least for now. He’s leading big in Iowa, regaining his momentum in New Hampshire and holding his own in South Carolina. And despite the increased interest in the race with just seven weeks to go, everyday Americans aren’t paying much attention yet. It’s only the junkies who check the rankings every seven seconds. (Yes, I’m talking about you, don’t you have a job and a family?)

At some point the speech might make strategic sense, but right now he’s got nothing to gain and a heckuva lot to lose. When you’re racing along nicely the last thing you want to do is stop and (mixed metaphor alert) beg people to look under your hood. Romney’s strategy now is to maintain status quo until Iowa and New Hampshire. If he wins both, it will take an historic turn-of-events to derail him.