No, the USA Today/Gallup Poll wasn’t as mindless as Wolf Blitzer moderating a debate, but it did find that 50% of men and 36% of women said they would definitely not vote for Hillary Clinton for president. Negative ratings are nothing new for the Clintons, but the poll’s findings echo the sentiments of Chris Dodd, who stated at the last debate that the Democrats should look at the other candidates, so they might nominate someone who can actually win.

43% told pollsters that they would never vote for Hillary. That’s a huge number, considering the choice was not between her and any particular Republican, but rather between her and…anyone else. Hillary’s unfavorable rating is 45%, which is 50% higher than the numbers for Barack Obama and John Edwards. Further, about 25% of Republican voters who would not vote for Hillary said they would consider voting for Obama or Edwards.

Among married men, 55% said they would not vote for Hillary, and as much as Hillary’s spin machine likes to keep insisting that huge numbers of Republican women can’t wait to lie to their husbands and go vote for any woman candidate, well, that just doesn’t seem likely.