We could write something clever here about how the South Carolina Democratic Party denied Colbert a spot on their primary ballot. But why waste the virtual ink? Palmetto Scoop said it best:

VIABILITY, S.C. (TPS) – It’s rather humorous that the South Carolina Democratic Party Thursday denied Stephen Colbert from appearing on their presidential primary ballot in January, despite his paying the requisite $2,500 fee and filing the proper paperwork. It’s humorous because they made that decision based on Colbert’s “viability” and their belief that he lacked it on the national level.

Now, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, viable means: 1. Capable of living, developing, or germinating under favorable conditions; 2. Capable of living outside the uterus; 3. Capable of success or continuing effectiveness.

We’re pretty sure every human being passes the first two tests, so number three must be the deal breaker. And by this standard, it must be that Colbert is not effective enough at the national level and lacks the ability to have success in venues outside of South Carolina.

But wait… hold on just one second. Doesn’t Colbert have a devoted audience numbering well into the millions every night on his nationally-televised show, The Colbert Report? Oh, and didn’t he recently place fifth among Democrats nationally? Seems to us like he’s both effective and successful across the country.

Surely the candidates that did make the ballot — even the ones he polled ahead of — must be more viable than Colbert. There’s no way they could reject him and allow a less effective candidate who is less likely to succeed on the ballot.

Thankfully, the Democrats got this one right and only the truly viable candidates have made it to the presidential primary ballot. Viable candidates like Dennis Kucinich, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd and Mike Gravel.

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