Mike Gravel has been called many things, but “establishment” probably isn’t one of them. The longer-than-long shot for the Democratic presidential nominee flipped off his own party by campaigning in Florida, while every major candidate has stayed away.

Democrats in the traditionally early voting states of New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada were infuriated when Florida’s legislature moved its primary up to January 29th, so the Democratic Party responded by banning candidates from campaigning in Florida and by stripping the state of 210 of its delegates at the national convention.

In the last Republican debate, held in Florida, frontrunner Rudy Giuliani pointed out that, unlike the Democrats, his party was paying attention to Florida. It was a curious move, on the part of the Democratic Party, to effectively ignore Florida, and certainly risks disenfranchising key voters in a state that has had more than a bit to do in deciding recent presidential contests. Gravel, though, was having none of it. “It was unfortunate that the national committee made a mistake and I don’t buy into their mistake.”