Ralph Hallow at the Washington Times offers today that if NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg runs for president he’ll hurt democrats more than republicans. Insiders says conventional wisdom would be tossed on its head because, despite his recent membership in GOP, Bloomberg has always been more liberal than conservative. Hallow reports that David Norcross, a friend of the mayor, says it’s still 50-50 Bloomberg runs.

I don’t buy it. What does Bloomberg stand to gain? Sure he has the dough to blow, but he can’t win. Even if this country were ready for an independent, it sure as heck wouldn’t be Mike Bloomberg. Bloomberg has never lost–period. Why would he want to spend half-a-billion to lose on the most public of stages? Given Hillary’s strength as the probable nominee of the left, and the reality that few republicans would be supporting him anyway, where will his support come from?

Maybe I’m wrong, it wouldn’t be the 5,423,745th time, but I don’t see Bloomberg making a run.