Once upon a time, on a crisp fall day (October 16th, 2006) Political Derby proudly introduced the term ABH (Anybody But Hillary) into the political lexicon. It was a glorious, defining day in our country’s history and we’ve been using the term ever since.

Enter Dick Morris. Today’s piece on RealClearPolitics contains this familiar turn-of-phrase:

And on the Democratic side, Edwards, who had been leading in Iowa until recently, would probably have to leave the race. That would coalesce the entire ABH vote (Anybody But Hillary) around Obama, giving him a leg up in the national race.

Here at the Derby we don’t need credit for coining terms like “ABH” or “2008 Power Rankings” or “Kucinich is a Dope”. Of course we don’t need attribution every time someone steals one of our pithy lines. But really, Mr. Morris, would a gift basket have been so hard?