John Edwards wants to take from you so he can give to you. Seriously. His economic plan, if you can call it that, is to promise everyone everything, but he has to take it from you in order to give it to you. It’s like someone stealing your wallet to buy you a birthdayThere are dangerous things happening up here. gift.

He wants universal pre-kindergarten, which leads us to ask when are parents responsible for their kids? He wants a minimum wage of $9.50, which makes us ask who is going to hire unskilled, entry level labor at that wage? He wants to add a million more people to have their housing subsidized and/or paid for by your taxes, because public housing works so well right now – no drug or gang problems in them. He wants a matching savings account program for low-income people, remember how well welfare worked? And he wants to create a program called “College of Everyone,” which means expect college costs in increase exponentially since that’s what they did when the government started underwriting it in the first place.

Since Edwards has a better shot of being elected Pope than he does President, these proposals are not as disturbing as they could be. But remember them because when a liberal proposes some ridiculous program it gets in the minds of other liberals and, just like a government program, it only grows.