The Ron Paul snow ball has been gaining momentum, but among Republican presidential hopefuls, Paul has remained stuck in the second tier category. That may be about to change. A recent poll has put Paul at 7% among likely Republican primary voters in New Hampshire, good enough for fourth place. Nationally, Rasmussen Reports show the media-deprived Paul trailing Hillary Clinton by only ten points in a head to head match up, with Paul having nearly doubled his “favorable” rating since April.

After impressive fundraising in the last quarter, the thrifty Paul campaign has finally made its first major investment, in the form of a radio ad campaign in early primary states. Further, Ron Paul’s first television ad campaign will begin in New Hampshire this week. With increasing public face time for Paul, and with the campaign stating that its 4th quarter fundraising goal of $12 million is within reach, a dark horse may be creeping up on the pack.