No one just gives money away, except the government, but since they don’t earn it, they just take it, it’s not the same (that’s our money already anyway). In life you have to earn the money you get, or steal it (we don’t mean to keep bringing up government). However, someone is nearly giving it away for nothing, or so it would seem. But, like most things in life, there is a catch, and this catch is a big one: You have to make an video that makes Mike Gravel look good.

We love the former Senator from Alaska, he’s easily the most entertaining of the Democratic candidates for President. Yes, he’s the only person on the stage that give Kucinch a run for the straight-jacket award (too close to call), but he’s got that crazy old uncle appeal Dennis lacks (though Dennis more than makes up for it with the hot wife).

A man called Gregory Chase, upset upon hearing of Grave’s exclusion in the October 30th debate, decided to put his money where his mouth is. (As an aside, what the hell is going to be worth tuning in for without Gravel?) He’s putting up a million of his own money, earned from managing evil hedge funds, to try to get Gravel into the debate.

Turns out Mr. Chase is offering the cash to NBC, either to buy ad time during the debate or as straight-up payment, to get them to include Gravel in the debate. Mr. Chase thinks it was NBC’s decision, but can’t prove it. That sounds about right, though we suspect there was some behind the scenes complaining by Hillary and Edwards since they’ve were overheard plotting this sort of move a while ago. They wanted to remove the lower-tier candidates from future debates, though one wonders by what unit of measure Edwards maintains top-tier status.

Mr. Chase isn’t going to stop with simply bribing a liberal news organization to do their job, he’s got something else up his sleeve to help Gravel; a contest.

He’s offering up $25k to whoever can make the Gravel video that gets the most views on YouTube by the end of the year. While the rules don’t say so, we assume the video has to be pro-Gravel since Mr. Chase is. And it has to be new and posted after October 17th, so the strange rock throwing video doesn’t count. You can find the rules, as vague as they are, here.

Good luck stringing together 30 seconds of Mike Gravel not sounding crazy!