The Hill is reporting that Senator Brownback will meet with Rudy Giuliani today to discuss his views on abortion and a possible endorsement of Rudy’s campaign for the White House.

Most are saying such an endorsement would carry tremendous weight with religious conservatives who are uneasy with Rudy’s liberal position on social issues, most importantly abortion. The Hill says:

Giuliani would gain the most from Brownback’s endorsement because he has consistently encountered opposition from social conservatives owing to his views on abortion. He has drawn strong criticism for reiterating in a televised interview earlier this year his position that the federal government should provide funding for an abortion if a woman could not afford one. Giuliani’s standing atop national polls has scared Christian conservative leaders so much that several prominent leaders threatened last month to support a third-party candidate to block his path to the White House.

Brownback’s support, however, could assuage the concerns of many social conservatives and provide him a path to the Republican nomination.

Hogwash! Those opposed to Rudy’s candidacy are not going to abandon their own deeply-held views on abortion because Sam says it’s OK. In fact, many of these folks may be offended by the notion that you can campaign as the “only conservative” in the race, the one carrying the “pro life” banner higher than anyone else, only to abandon that by supporting a pro-choice candidate. It’s one thing to pledge to support the eventual nominee, which Brownback did during an early debate, it’s quite another to back the one candidate in the race furthest from you on the ideological spectrum.

Write it down. An endorsement of Rudy’s campaign will guarantee Brownback faces an intraparty challenge for his senate seat in 2010. (Think Specter, Arlen)

Even flirting with an endorsement of Rudy exposes Brownback as someone driven more by political calculus than a moral compass. How can Sam bash Mitt Romney for being a “flip flopper” on abortion and question his “conversion”, but then say this about his meeting with Rudy:

I’m going to meet with him and I’m going to talk to him and hear what he is specifically saying now because he’s changed on a number of the abortion issues,’ Brownback said in an interview. ‘He’s changed on partial-birth [abortion] and he has said he would appoint strict constructionists.’

Either Brownback isn’t really pro-life, or he believes he has a shot as Rudy’s VP (he doesn’t), or he’s got the political skill of a guy who can’t get above 2% nationally. (Oh, wait, sorry, that clears it up.)