Fred Thompson didn’t appear to care much about the recent defection of supporters. He also didn’t appear to care enough to try to shed the “lazy” label that has dogged him since he entered the race. In the wake of losing a media strategist as well as a major Republican supporter in New Hampshire, Thompson suggested reporters ask his campaign, presumably the staff that remains, rather than Fred himself, as he “can’t address who’s doing…what.”

In only his second campaign visit to South Carolina, Thompson lit up the crowd with an inspired “We don’t need to invent new ideas.” Certainly not a progressive attitude. Despite his claims that there are plenty of good ideas already thought up, it couldn’t hurt to try to think up something new. Asked about the threat of some states, including South Carolina, losing delegates due to early primaries, Thompson offered another bit of diligent wisdom: “It’s hard to figure out, so I don’t try to.”

Thompson’s strategist loss was a gain for the campaign of John McCain, himself no stranger to lost campaign staffers. Thompson’s lost New Hampshire supporter indicated that he abandoned Thompson due to the candidate’s lack of interest in his state, certainly an understandable attitude considering Thompson has not set foot in New Hampshire since entering the presidential race. That lazy label sure is hard to shake, especially when you’re too lazy to shake it off.