Poor Hillary, or should we say Hillary’s poor? Either way, things like they may be lining up against her lately. She collects record money from people who have no money, not to Why's everybody always picking on me?mention her little problem with Mr. Hsu, the allegation that she bugged cell phone calls of her opponents, her campaign using admitted classified document thief to advise her on national security issues and don’t forget her desire to give every person in the country money (after taking it first through taxes).

These things will be perfect fodder for the general election, should she win the Democratic nomination. But, as President Howard Dean will tell you, that is not a foregone conclusion.

While what’s happening with her now and her history make her the Republicans favorite to run against (let’s face it, the ads write themselves), there is a committed group of Leftists that want to stop her before that becomes a possibility.

A group calling itself Democratic Courage is mobilizing to stop Hillary from getting the nomination. They won’t show their cards just yet, they’re waiting to pounce till they’re ready, but they claim to have the money to do it.

“We’ll definitely have sufficient resources to make a significant media buy,” the group’s leader Glenn Hurowitz told Politico.

We don’t really care who the Democrats nominate, we’re comfortable beating any of them (though, if we did have a wish, it would be Gravel, just for fun), but this could make for an interesting primary season.