Finally, a serious presidential contender. Last night, on the Stephen Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert officially declared that he has thrown his hat into the presidential ring. Not since the early 21st century, when Fred Thompson announced his presidential intentions, has such an important political announcement been made on late night television.

The catch to Colbert’s declaration seems to be that he is running only in his home state of South Carolina, and in a discussion with a political analyst, Colbert appeared hopeful of his ability to win one delegate to send to a national convention. Despite such modest aspirations, Colbert does have a leg up on the rest of the competition, in that he is running as both a Democrat and a Republican.

Considering Colbert’s popularity, traditionally low voter turnouts, and the millions of voters that feel politically fed up or disenfranchised, it is conceivable that Colbert, once on the ballot, could actually manage to fair respectably in his native state. Should that happen, could he feasibly be tempted to temper his super ego and not run nationally?

Despite Colbert’s insistence that he will only run in the early primary state of South Carolina, he has already suggested three possible running mates: Mike Huckabee (who has twice invited Colbert to run as his VP), (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, and “Colbert” whose “t” is not silent. The race just got a little more exciting.