Congressman Duncan Hunter showed up at the Conservative Leadership Conference on Saturday morning. Read the highlights of his speech:

8:45 Duncan repeated his story about how he could only find one company in America to manufacture heavy armor for armored vehicles in Iraq.
8:48 The new generation will need to be inspired as we see the need for exploring new manufacturing technology.
8:50 The Bush administration has not stood up to China. When Ronald Regan saved Harley he said when one side is cheating there is no free trade.
8:53 Iraq is going well. Hunter believes that this government in Iraq is going to hold. We will leave Iraq in victory.
8:56 As President of the United States I will not allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon.
8:58 Hunter is speaking about the border and the right way to build a border fence. As President of the United States, I will build that fence, all 800 miles, in six weeks.
9:02 Hunter is speaking about judges. He will appoint judges with discernment. Any judge who cannot look at a sonogram and see the value of life, that judge will not sit on the bench.
9:05 Hunter is quoting letters from two marines, promoting the idea of living and providing for their families. He then reveals that the letters were written by his father and his son, 60 years apart.
9:08 Duncan Hunter opened up the floor to questions. Questions centered on trade with China, retired military officers who bash the military/Iraq, Border security, government borrowing/deficits, and specifically the national debt.
9:17 Duncan Hunter is closing with a story. His grandson went to his first grade teacher and said, “I’m Duncan Hunter. My grandpa is going to be President. Can I count on your vote?” And he stuck his hand out.