Jason Wright moderated a forum today centered around handicapping the 2008 race. Jason revealed the line-up for our soon to be announced Power Rankings and invited the panelists to comment on our selection. If you weren’t at the forum you’ll have to wait to find out the rankings. The panelists included Steve Greenhut from the Orange County Register and Jon Scott, the 2006 Republican candidate for Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District (against Patrick Kennedy). Also present was Ed Morrisey of Captain’s quarters and BlogTalkRadio.com. You can read Ed’s live blogging of Romney’s speech this morning here. Talk show host Brian Wilson was there as well.

Highlights and comments from the forum:

Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee.
Ron Paul has not a chance of getting the Republican nomination.
If Romney is not the nominee, he will not be the VP.
Ron Paul should be at CLC instead of a gun show in Cleveland!
Odds of Al Gore Running are better than 50%.