Hillary Clinton has surged into a massive lead in her quest to win the Democratic nomination, but since achieving her lead, she has begun to further insulate her self from the media.

In a Washington Times article that begins more about her backing off the “baby bonds”, the more interesting part of the story is her handlers apparently putting her in a zip lock bag to keep her from saying anything that could endanger her lead.

Interestingly enough, her tight press availability is compared to Ronald Reagan and George W Bush:

“George W. Bush had his press access very tightly controlled,” he said. “Because she is so far ahead in the polls, she has the most to lose, and therefore, controlling the flow of information out of her campaign is a smart strategy. It isn’t the best thing from a public communication perspective, not being very accessible to the public, but from a purely strategic perspective, it makes sense.”

My take on this leads me to an analogy to a football game. One team jumps out to a huge lead, then goes into prevent defense. If you stay too long in a prevent defense, the other team starts finding ways to score and the next thing you know, the band is on the field and the other team’s wide receiver is blasting through the trombone section for the game winning touchdown.