The blogosphere collective has commented on the debate in Dearborn. Much ado was given to Fred Thompson’s first debate appearance. Whomever you support, Fred did not hit one out of the park. He also did not trip on his way up the debate steps. These realities are good for the GOP at large, as their search for someone to beat Hillary races on. Much has been made of Fred’s decision to enter the race so late. Mitt Romney scored points with the audience in Dearborn by pointing this out. “And this has a lot — this is a lot like ‘Law & Order.’ … It has a huge cast, the series seems to go on forever and Fred Thompson shows up at the end.” But Fred himself thinks it was a good move.

“I don’t think I waited too long. It seems about right to me,” Thompson said. “I’ve enjoyed watching these fellas. I’ve got to admit, it was getting a little boring without me, but I’m glad to be here now.”

So, was Fred “showing up at the end” the right time? He succeeded in running for President these past few months without having to spend any money. Once he started raising money he raised enough to keep his hat in the air with the other top tier candidates. In the third quarter Giuliani raised $11 million, Mitt $10 million, and Thompson raised $9.3 million. Finally, Thompson has made his first debate appearance and he holds a firm second place in the polling race. All in all I would say that is not a bad place to start.