Hillary Clinton’s greatest strength and greatest weakness are the same thing – everything she does is perfectly politically calculated. It’s her greatest weakness because she always looks so conniving and opportunistic, but it’s her greatest strength because she and her advisers always do it so damn well.

Case-in-point: The other Dem candidates had no idea what to do about Michigan, which moved its primary up to January 15, only to see the DNC strip them of their delegates. Their dilemma: stay on the ballot and piss off the DNC, or pull out and anger voters in a crucial general election state.

They all played chicken, waiting until the last possible day to withdraw their names or keep them on the ballot. Today, Obama, Edwards, and Richardson all pulled out, while Hillary was the only major candidate to stay put.

This isn’t a major victory, but it’s yet another example of a minor political calculation that Team Hillary executed perfectly while the other candidates struck out.

Had at least one of the other big guys stayed in, they, and Hillary, would still be in the same hard spot – do they put money and resources into the state or not? Now, no one has to spend anything in Michigan, and Hillary gets a walkover victory.

Since there are no delegates at stake, Hillary doesn’t have anything to technically win in Michigan, but she’ll get at least a headline of good press when she wins in a landslide, at an extremely crucial time. And she’ll do it without having to spend a single dollar or day in the state.