Edwards isn’t the first to say it, just the most recent. Edwards had this to say in a recent AP piece on Hillary’s widening lead.

Asked about a belief among some that a Clinton nomination is inevitable, Edwards brushed the idea aside.

“I lived through the inevitably of Howard Dean,” he said.

This has become a common comparison among all the other candidates, their surrogates, and even some losers on PoliticalDerby.com. But at this point in the race. comparing Dean 2004 to Hillary 2008 is like comparing apples and okra.

In 2004 Dean was the anti-establishment candidate (think McCain) with lots of cash, but no machine and few endorsements to sustain his netroots momentum. Hillary, on the other hand, has a ridiculously impressive campaign structure with breadth and depth that is hard to find in modern political history. Even those who loathe Hillary have to acknowledge that the comparisons are grossly unfair to the Senator.

Maybe making the comparisons makes Edwards and others feel less depressed about their microscopic chances of catching and passing her. But they reveal a naive political mind. Could Hillary still implode? Sure, but it will take a heckuva lot more than a scream.