Sandy Berger, the infamous gentleman who stole classified documents from the National Archives, has been hired as an advisor to Hillary Clinton. Berger, who also destroyed the documents and lied to investigators, seems exactly like the kind of class act a serious presidential contender would want to bring on as a high profile consultant.

The brashness of this act by Hillary is almost unfathomable, and her campaign would most certainly be in an uproar if such an act of treason was committed by one of her fellow candidates. Whatever possible reasoning could be behind this is at best unclear, however, it does have the Clinton reek of superiority. This action could even have been designed to solicit outrage, in hopes of a desirable outcome.

The Berger hiring could simply be Hillary flipping off the country in an expression of “I’ll do whatever I want, and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.” More likely, that would just be a bonus to be compounded with the predictable Republican Clinton-bashing. Such attacks would allow Hillary to erroneously deflect this (and any other real criticisms of her) as irrelevant and a mere rehashing of old grudges, hopefully causing a backlash against the Republicans.

The Clintons were never ones to skip a chance to rewrite history in the minds of voters, and the hiring of such a sleazy character could, in a sick way, be a ploy to cast herself as the envoy of change, by pleading with the voters to finally move past the old Republican-Democrat feud (which she has fed the flames of) and focus on the crucial issues facing the country. Hopefully, no one will be gullible enough to believe whatever spin Hillary will use, and Hillary’s latest action will simply been seen for what it is: the inexplicable and despicable hiring of a criminal as her close advisor.