Rudy Giuliani led the GOP candidates in fundraising for the 3rd quarter, bringing in $11 million. Mitt Romney raised $10 million, Fred Thompson raised $8 million, John McCain brought close to $6 million, and surprising the field, Ron Paul gathered over $5 million.

It is interesting to note that Romney loaned himself a whopping $8.5 million dollars for the quarter, which means he spent a total of $17.5 million on his presidential run. Considering he only has $9 million dollars on hand, without his own contributions, he’d be in Huckabee territory.

3rd quarter numbers are generally expected to be less across the board, but Paul’s fundraising stood out. While Rudy McRomney’s contributions were down significantly from the 2nd quarter, donations to Ron Paul’s campaign were more than twice what they were last quarter. If he can continue to build momentum, Paul might actually get to play with the big boys.