The Democrats are raising money faster than a pack of Amish on double cappuccinos can raise a barn. Leading the way, albeit a little surprisingly, is Hillary Clinton. She lost the second quarter fundraising to Barack Obama, and the down low from her camp was that she expected to trail in the third quarter to him as well.

Not so much.

Team Clinton dominated, raising $27 million to Obama’s $20 million. In fact, the Clinton campaign raised almost as much money as Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson combined.

She’s cruising in most national polls with the RCP index listing her as having nearly a 20 point lead, including a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll that has her beating Obama by 33 points.

Is a Clinton nomination inevitable? There is even talk that her high negatives may not even be as debilitating as was once thought. A McClatchy article addresses the conventional wisdom on her electability, with some experts refuting the idea she can’t win:

“Nothing is completely locked in stone,” said Michael Dimock, the associate director of the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press. “People shift, and contexts shift. The context people perceive her in has changed. . . . There are opportunities for the balance to shift.”

Ethan talked about the “Ron Paul snowball” gaining momentum. Don’t look now, but a Clinton avalanche appears ready to hit the Democratic candidates.