With increasing urban populations and an influx of Hispanic voters, the politics of the traditionally red, Rocky Mountain states has been shifting left. Good news for the Democrats, who have picked up Congressional seats in 4 of the last 5 elections, but not so for the Democratic frontrunner.

In a Montana poll, Hillary was voted as the most disliked of the presidential contenders, with an astounding 61% saying they “would not consider voting for her”. 45% said the same of Barack Obama, and Mitt Romney was the best of the worst among Republicans, with 51% saying no way. But the big loser is Hillary, who has fared just as well in similar polls in Colorado, Nevada and Arizona.

The spinster machine claims that voters will support her “as they get to know her”, but after 8 years as first lady and another as the Democratic presidential frontrunner, how much more could there possibly be to know? Perhaps the reality is that the reason they dislike her is because they already know her all too well. Good luck winning over those enemies, Hill.