Hillary talked about a return to the “values” that Bill Clinton had brought to the White House. Now that was high comedy, but it was charming Tolkien character and Ohio Congressman, Dennis Kucinich, who offered the most consistent amusement during last night’s debate on MSNBC.

The diminutive Kucinich suggested that voters could elect the best candidate president, or they could elect a tall person (which, sadly, is usually what happens). He then heartily defended his actions which had led Cleveland into bankruptcy. Apparently desperate to sell Cleveland real estate, rather than say “dead end”, Kucinich said that Bush had led the country into a “cul-de-sac”, which actually sounded quite lovely.

Kucinich topped himself again by saying that the government should increase programs (such as Social Security) to provide for people that, despite the fact that they can’t afford to, choose to retire early! Later, and for some unknown reason, over-weighted and over-rated Tim Russert asked the candidates to recite their favorite Bible verses. Kucinich’s choice was the “Prayer of St. Francis”, which was published quite a few centuries after the Bible.

Thanks for the laughs, Dennis. He may have wanted to add, “I’ll be here all year!” but we all know that’s not going to happen.