Everyone knows that though Rudy is against abortions personally – and in his defense, he’s never had one – he supports a woman’s right to choose. Quacks of “flip-flop” were heard, but that failed to push him down in the rankings, as the reasoning behind the jeers wasn’t nearly as well-founded as when directed at John Kerry circa ’04 or Mitt Romney circa last week.

These days, when Rudy meets with the NRA (and is not answering calls from his wife – you could almost hear the audience cocking their guns at the interruption), he claims to be a big supporter of the right to bear arms. As mayor of NYC, Giuliani touted gun control, and he once sued gun manufacturers. Rudy claims that crime in the city decreased greatly (which it did), and that what worked for the city may not be appropriate for the country (true enough).

Giuliani cites recent Supreme Court decisions and 9/11 as reasons for his change of heart, but plenty are skeptical. The flip-flop crowd is waiting to pounce, but Rudy has so far managed to keep them at bay, and now, with a gun in his hand, he may be able to do just that.