In case you missed the Yahoo’s exclusively online debate (and I’m sure you did), the Democratic candidates got to answer a bunch of questions, and they didn’t even have to bother being in the same place. Charlie Rose interviewed the candidates individually via satellite, viewers watched clips online, and then the viewers were asked for whom they would vote.

Barack Obama won with 35% of the votes, Hillary Clinton came in second with 31%, and John Edwards placed a distant third with 12%. Obama’s online win makes sense as he was more popular with the internet-savvy under-35 crowd. The problem is that Obama won’t win a real election unless those supporters break trends and actually show up to vote in the primaries. The good news for Obama is that he won this ballot despite a “low voter turnout” online, as only about 15% of viewers bothered to vote.

After the questions about Iraq, health care and education, Bill Maher posed an amusing question to each candidate. Maher, who thinks he’s much funnier than he is, did better than most debate interviewers by presenting hard questions that, without the cover of comedy, many would avoid asking. Maher’s best may have been his question to Hillary: “George Bush fooled you. Why should Americans vote for someone who can be fooled by George Bush?” Hillary cackled before avoiding the question.