In case you didn’t catch the debate last night, here’s what you missed:

Joe Biden began by talking about “preventive” coverage. Many who noticed that big bug/dirt/piece of trash that was stuck in his hair as he spoke were more concerned with his taking a preventive shower. After all, washing is the most effective preventive care. Biden mentioned “catastrophic” health care coverage, inadvertently describing the damage that such a socialist program would do to the long term health of the country. He went off on a stand-up routine, and was met with much laughter, as he bashed Hillary, Edwards and Richardson with a mostly accurate and honest, if unexpected, rant.

Hillary Clinton
began with her usual smugness, ignoring questions and saying we should “do more” for everything and everyone. Rather than debate her fellow Democrats, she continued railing against Bush and the evil Republicans, her rage crescendoing into…deafening silence. When you can’t get a hint of applause from a blue crowd for bashing Bush, you’ve got a serious problem. But for now, while she’s in the lead, she’s content to ignore her opponents and hope to convince people to vote for anyone (meaning her) but a Republican.

Perhaps shockingly – or not so, if you know her – Hillary took credit for the Republican Congress’ balancing of the budget under her husband, though a balanced budget was, admittedly, “not a goal” of the Clinton administration. She further defied reality by ignoring the fact that Social Security is going bankrupt, instead hearkening back to that fiscally responsible Congress under Gingrich, uh, I mean Bill. But Hillary’s magic didn’t stop there: apparently, she single-handedly made sure that drugs are tested so they are safe for children. Spin doctors, come quick, we have a nauseous population.

Chris Dodd was his usual tottering self. Somehow he suggested a $75k tax credit for the middle class, which is often more than a middle class income, let alone a tax burden. He also suggested paid leave for people who house elderly loved ones. Would that be 52 weeks of paid leave?

John Edwards biggest applause may have come during the introductions, when he was announced as a “former” senator.

Bill Richardson
, aside from taking a shot from Joe Biden, may have been in the New Mexico sun too long, suggesting increases in (soon-to-be-bankrupt) Social Security. He also promoted corporate welfare, though not by name, because he insists he wants to end that.

Finally, and perhaps best demonstrating their collective understanding of economics and reality, all the democrats on stage agreed that Alan Greenspan was wrong. Wow.