Jesse Jackson has been out of the news lately because, well, he’s irrelevant, but not being in front of a camera doesn’t sit well with the “good Reverend,” so he decided to make an ass of himself verbally to get some headlines.What's that smell?  Oh, that's my race-baiting turning stale.

Jackson, in a rant about God only knows or cares what, said Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama is “acting like he’s white.” What that means is unknown, but what that shows is just how stupid, desperate and racist Jesse Jackson is.

How someone “acts white” is not clear, and Jackson, being the strong, fierce and principled leader that he is, promptly claimed he didn’t remember making the statement, so he wasn’t able to clarify his accusation.

When is this guy going to finally be completely ignored by the media?

For thoughts on what “acting white” means, we found this blog. Check it out.