Hillary Clinton, determined to force America’s hand after spectacularly failing under her husband’s administration, is unleashing the beast today. Hillary’s statist health care plan will require all people to purchase coverage, a “mandate” which will force everyone to pay into the system, including those millions who choose not to pay for it. As for the millions of uninsured they like to talk about, among them are virtually no children or seniors, so Hillary’s brilliant idea is to force healthy, young singles to fork over money they can ill afford into a system of which they have already chosen to opt out.

The cost of Hillary’s attempt to create a socialist state – similar to those anemic if not already dying ones that have spread like the plague throughout Europe – is a mere $110 billion dollars, a small price to pay to bring more socialism to a world that already knows that it as the cause of countless current economic and governmental problems. Apparently, the soon-to-be bankrupt Social Security system has been begging mom for a sickly brother.

How anti-American is Hillcare version 2.0? “It puts the consumer in the driver’s seat by offering more choices and lowering costs,” according to a Clinton advisor, one who has certainly never waited 2 years for an MRI in Canada. Of course, Hillcare would not offer more choices or even a choice, but rather would force you to pay up, or, um, go to jail? If it’s mandatory, that’s what happens if your don’t pay your taxes, right? But at least if you get sick in jail, you’ll be covered while you wait in queue for years, as is often the case in Europe, to get that operation that you actually need right away. For all our health, let’s all hope Hillcare v. 2.0 dies as horrific a death as its predecessor.