Abdurahman Abdurahman was an advisor to Mrs. Clinton on Islamic affairs. Alamoudi was also put in jail in 2003 for attempting to launder money from a Libyan group into Syria in order to fund terrorists.

This is not breaking news, but to justify my own ignorance on the matter, allow me to postulate that this story did not get nearly as much press as it should have, and that it bears reviewing in light of Sen. Clinton’s presidential aspirations.

Over several years, Alamoudi certified Muslim chaplains for the US military. He also helped orchestrate a CA program in which students pretend to be Muslim for a few weeks, which of course, is in gross violation of the nation’s holy “separation of church and state” maxim.

To be clear, Hillary was by no means Alamoudi’s only contact in Washington. At the very least, though, it raises some serious eyebrows that a terrorist was serving as her advisor. Not that she had any knowledge of his terrorist connections, but it remains highly questionable as to why she would employ someone who openly advocated having children profess the Muslim faith and recite prayers in US public schools under the guise of multiculturalism. Disturbing.