We only have 4 hours!  Hurry!  Gotta look pretty!President Bush is going to address the nation tonight to talk about the progress we’re making in Iraq. His address is scheduled for 9:00 tonight.

Immediately following the President’s address, candidate John Edwards has purchased 2 minutes on MSNBC rebut what the President has said.

Edwards, who has never said 2 minutes of anything worth listening to to say in his life, is expected to outline his plan to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Why he felt the need to buy time is unknown, other than he doesn’t matter any more and is desperately trying to change that. But he could’ve simply ask Keith Olbermann to have him on for the full hour of President bashing that will precede and God only knows how long he will be on after to re-bash Bush.

MSNBC is generally not worth watching, outside of some episodes of Hardball, but tonight you will have the chance to watch a desperate candidate take desperate measures to attempt to right his ship on a network desperate for ratings.

We wonder if Edwards was given the New York Times Left-winger discount? But really, how much could 2 minutes on MSNBC really be worth?

In any event, Edwards is reported to already be in hair and make-up for the broadcast.