A woman has come forward to confirm that the prostitution service frequented by Senator David Vitter did in fact, involve prostitution. Wow, and I really thought Vitter’s claim that it was just an “escort” service was gonna fly.

So? Do Republican leaders still stand by Vitter after throwing Larry Craig under the bus? Of course they do.

However, it has nothing to do with gay vs. straight. Senate Republicans will stand by Vitter because he serves in a state with a Democratic governor, who would appoint a Democratic replacement if they forced Vitter out of the Senate.

Craig, conversely, serves in a state with a Republican governor, so getting rid of him had zero consequences for Mitch McConnell and Company. If the governor of Idaho were a Democrat, Republicans would let Larry Craig get all the BJs he wanted before they forced him to resign.

But here’s a scenario: Vitter holds on for a few months, and in November, Republican Bobby Jindal wins the governor’s race down there (it looks like he has a good shot). If the Vitter scandal flares up again, this time with a Republican in the Louisiana Governor’s mansion, then we might start hearing a different tune from the family values party.

It’s hypocrisy, folks. But it’s not about sex, it’s about power.