Everyone misspeaks from time to time. When politicians do it, it tends to be more noticed. An ill-advised, off-the-cuff remark, a comment when a microphone is still on, a Freudian slip, or even the occasional mispronunciation of “nuclear” – it happens to everyone. But if such things start to happen regularly, and a pattern is established, that could be a major problem for a politician with presidential aspirations. Joe Biden has been establishing such a pattern.

Everyone remembers his glowing endorsement of Obama’s cleanliness, which garnered a tremendous amount of press. At the You Tube debate, Biden mocked two Tennessee questioners for their hillbilly appearance. One-upping himself, he then diagnosed a gun owner from Michigan as mentally ill.

Senator Biden did it again in on Meet the Press this weekend. In describing the lack of safety in the Iraq, he related how he was driven around at high speeds in an evasive manner. He then used the term “Irish Way” to describe the route, while gesturing in a frantic, zig-zag motion. Biden may or may not have been referring to all Irish drivers as drunk, but it was not hard for viewers to reach such a conclusion.

It does not appear that Joe Biden has much of a chance of securing the Democratic nomination, but still, Biden has provided some refreshing, honest opinions and even some solutions to the crises in Iraq and Darfur. It would be a shame if any good ideas he has are ignored as a result of his all-too-often, questionable comments. For his good and everyone else’s, hopefully Sen. Biden will cut out the off-the-cuff remarks from any future statements.