Today Jason discussed the difference between reality and perception in the 2008 horse race. A few of the candidates got short changed, but the bottom line is simple: The candidates are all about perception. How you perceive their personal history, resumes, and policy positions is much more important that the reality. Like it or not, that’s what wins elections. Image, image, image.


  • Amanda

    Again, Political. . . . theater. Period. That’s the day and age that we live in.

    Giuliani’s got it in the bag, if we’re talking about appealing to the masses. . .

    Hillary and Osama are just not electable. End of story.

  • BoruJudasDedrich

    Unfortunately, I agree that perception is very important in an election race. This is something I’ve been yelling at my fellow Ron Paul supporters when they do their activist-march revolution-chants…who are they trying to appeal to? cuz it certainly ain’t the masses. Ron Paul’s official videos play down the revolution stuff…supporters should follow his lead.

    Anyway, PD once again delivers above-average political satire (and insight) to a boring commentary show. ‘Image vs Reality’ was fun and provided several good one-liner jokes.

    I wish they let you discuss each of the candidates in this manner.

  • Brendan Spiegel

    good call on Thompson…what does he want to do as president? he should probably start talking about that

  • AndDru1

    I thought you did very well, I wish they would give you a better time slot, but I guess you’ll take what you can get. Did I ever mention that I really like this site?