In stores now!Al Gore, never one to live how he wants to impose on others, is traveling the world giving speeches to promote his latest venture, selling carbon credits to people who desperately care about the environment but don’t actually want to change their lifestyle to do anything about it, probably because they know global warming is not human caused.

But that’s neither here nor there, what is both here and there is that Gore has become the Pope of environmentalism, preaching the carbon neutral lifestyle as virtuous and morally correct. But does he live that way? Do you really have to ask?

Aside from having the highest energy bill in Tennessee, where he heats his pool (Tennessee is HOT! Why would you need to heat your pool? That’s like an Eskimo buying an ice machine.), he flies on private jets to his sermons.

This story on Drudge touts video of Gore sneaking onto a private jet that will be premiered this Sunday on Fox.

We wonder how many trees Gore is having planted to make up for his luxury lifestyle.

We have to ask: If you’re going to buy in to the global warming is caused by humans garbage, why stop at buying carbon offsets to lead a carbon neutral life? Why not fly commercial, drive a wind-up toy, ride a bike, power your house made of recycled trash with used corn oil, and give speeches by video conference rather than jetting everywhere AND buy those garbage carbon credits to live a carbon positive life? If you really believe in it and it will save the world, why wouldn’t these people do it? After all, that’s how they want you to live. Leading by example is the best way to lead.

Seems the Pope would rather preach. Let them eat cake…