Massachusetts Democrats, who have had a lot of experience with campaigning against Mitt Romney, have taken opposition research to a whole new level with the debut of, according to an article on

Here’s an example of what the site features:

Its home page compares statements “Massachusetts Mitt” made on abortion, immigration, stem cell research, and other hot-button issues with those made by “Red State Romney.”

The site even goes so far as to have telephone and e-mail hot-lines where people can suggest additions to the website.

Mass Dems either really hate Romney or really fear him. Or maybe both. It has been said on PD and in many other places, that being the front runner paints a bullseye on a candidate. McCain was on top and has fallen, Giuliani was on top and still leads the national polls, but trails in several early states and in fundraising. Now it is Romney’s turn to be the presumptive tackling dummy for his opponents. Mitt’s pads better be thick and his helmet strapped on tight.

Are you ready for some football?