There are two things people are usually taught that you do not discuss on polite society: religion and politics. New Mexico Governor and Democratic Presidential candidate Bill Richardson must’ve missed that lesson because he not only stepped firmly into the two, he combined them in a way that would leave even the most spaced-out junkie scratching their head.

Seems God wants Iowa to host the first round of votes in the Presidential nomination Buddah loves Iowa, too!process…For reasons seemingly only known to Richardson himself.

“Iowa, for good reason, for constitutional reasons, for reasons related to the Lord, should be the first caucus and primary,” Richardson said.

There is nothing in the Constitution about Iowa, which didn’t exist when the Constitution was written, and there is nothing about presidential primaries, which also didn’t exist at the time, so where does he get this? We always knew liberals viewed the Constitution as a living document in which they could find justification for any one of their wack-o policies, but this is a bit of stretch, even for them. This is akin to leafing through the Sears catalog and calling it Victoria’s Secret.

Since that seems to have been a mistake for Richardson to say, he tried to backpedal, to change the constitutional argument to something else. That’s when he really stepped in it.

“…for reasons related to the Lord…” What? How? We’re pretty sure God doesn’t vote, but if he did he seems to play his cards pretty close to the vest. It’s doubtful he would express a favorite candidate, let lone an opinion on primary order.

Richardson has since tried to downplay the gaff, but it’s just too funny to ignore. He would’ve been better served by saying that since he thinks Iowa is a top ten terrorist target in the US, that God would clearly want them to have an early say in the nomination process for having to carry that weight.

That would’ve at least shown he has a sense of humor instead of simply no sense at all.