Because sports and politics are the cornerstone of things American we are jumping on the ESPN bandwagon once again.

PoliticalDerby has filed all the papers necessary to open up an entry in’s annual Pigskin Pickem. Pickem follows the office pool model for picking the weekly winners of NFL games. The rules are simple. Prior to game time each Sunday, pick the winner of each NFL match up. At the end of the season, the top picker will have the love and adoration of millions – or at least that percentage of millions that visit our blog!

If that were not motivation enough, Jason Wright, editor extraordinaire, has agreed to shout aloud the victors name while running through the streets of Moscow wearing a Speedo, carrying a live chicken, and playing on the bagpipes the John Denver classic, Grandma’s Feather Bed.

So cruise on over to ESPN’s Pickem page and create an entry. Registration is free!

Our group name is
The password to join the group is Macaca.