Moderate GOP senator Arlen Specter said on FoxNews Sunday that conservative GOP senator Larry Craig should withdraw his resignation and fight.

GOP Senator: Craig should withdraw resignation

(CNN)–The ranking Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee says Idaho Senator Larry Craig should seek to withdraw his guilty plea, and possibly his resignation from the Senate.

“I’d like to see Larry Craig go back to court, seek to withdraw his guilty plea and fight the case,” Senator Arlen Specter said on ‘Fox News Sunday’. Drawing on his earlier experience as District Attorney of Philadelphia, Specter said, “On the evidence Senator Craig wouldn’t be convicted of anything. And he’s got his life on the line and 27 years in the House and Senate, and I’d like to see him fight the case because I think he could be vindicated.”

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve agreed with Specter, but this is one of them. Having listened to the interrogation of Senator Craig, this is as close to textbook entrapment as you can get without having your name and glamour shot appear in a law journal.

The facts:

1. Larry Craig may be gay, but he wasn’t charged with being gay.

2. Larry Craig failed Crisis Management 101 by letting this sit – discoverable by scandal-hungered reporters – in court documents for several months.

3. Larry Craig should not have pled guilty in an effort to make this go away.

4. The “evidence” against him is almost laughable, and as Specter said on FNC, he’s extremely likely to win a court battle.

None of this means Larry Craig should lose his senate seat.

This isn’t just a double standard, (think Vitter, David) this is political arson. A career set aflame by national GOP leaders and 2008 presidential candidates who happen to know the governor of Idaho is a republican who will absolutely, without question, appoint a republican to replace him. As long as the next man or woman has an “R” after their name, who cares?

Would those who called for Craig’s head have thrown him under the bus if he was from Louisiana, or any other state with a democrat in the governor’s mansion? (Don’t answer, that’s rhetorical, we know the answer already.)

Larry Craig should hold a press conference Tuesday and withdraw his resignation, withdraw his guilty plea, apologize for handling it so poorly in the first place, recite a list of others who’ve kept their jobs in far more scandalous circumstances, and go to court.

Then he should fight for votes and make his case that Idahoans should determine whether he keeps his job or not, not the media.

And for Pete’s sake, Senator, whatever you do, narrow that stance.