Hillary Clinton proclaimed in a debate that “we are all united” despite the question asking her to say anything besides that. Hillary’s logic is that if she can convince voters that any Democrat is better than every Republican, then it doesn’t matter who you vote for, as long as you vote Democrat. Of course, this tactic is only used because she is currently leading in the polls, so no matter what you think of her, they’re “all the same”. So Hillary says vote for any Democrat, which, if trends hold, surprise, surprise, will just happen to be her.

Ignoring her own decree, Ms. Clinton [updated] was the last holdout to ignore the DNC rules which penalize states for holding an early primary or causcus. Edwards, Obama, Richardson, Dodd and Biden have already agreed to toe the party line. However, since that DNC strategy wouldn’t help her (and may help the other candidates), she’s so far been content to ignore the likes of New Hampsire, Iowa, Nevada and South Carolina.

Hillary, always looking out to benefit herself, laws or integrity be damned, finally responded after a plethora of media coverage over her (until recently) fugitive fundraiser, Norman Hsu. The campaign declared that they were unaware of any wrongdoing and proudly announced they would return the $22,300 personal contribution Hsu had made to Hillary’s campaign. The problem? Hsu bundled over $1 million in campaign contributions, much of it in very suspect fashion, and given Hsu’s past, it’s certainly conceivable that a great portion of that money was obtained through less than legal means.

Such actions are insulting to voters, and all but cultists should see right through such superficial stances. If Hillary were to return all the money raised by Hsu, and if she were to back up her claim that she is truly united with all the other Democratic candidates, then that would be surprising, but it’s still just the same old Clinton tricks.